Download Screen Mark-Up

Our Screen Mark-Up program is a very sophisticated program that manipulates your computer's screen. Anti-Virus software like Norton Symantics will consider it a threat.
We assure you that this is not a threat, but a viable software program that you will get a lot of use out of. If at any time you decide not to install our Screen Mark-Up program, then just quit.
* * This is a FREE program * *

Below is a Windows 8 example of the messages that will be displayed trying to convince you not to download our Screen Mark-Up software. It is your decision and you can make that decision at any time during the process.

  • Phase 1 - Windows operating system protection.
  • Phase 2 - (if installed) Anti-Virus protection.
  • The messages below may look differently on your computer.

    Windows Operating System




    Virus Protection





    View Norton's info regarding [WS.Reputation.1]